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Rising Up: Caden Dosmann Gatorade Player of the Year

By PRFC Youth Soccer, 09/05/23, 11:30AM MST


Rising Up: Caden Dosmann

His Story Behind Winning the Arizona Gatorade Player of the Year

CADEN DOSMANN had a tremendous year of success during the 2022-23 season, both on his PRFC Southeast Valley 05B Team and his high school team at Perry HS. At the end of last season, Dosmann was awarded the Gatorade Player of the Year. To accomplish these achievements, Dosmann had to draw on prior experiences and work together alongside his teammates and coaches.

“My first two years on [Perry] Varsity were not as successful as we hoped I think partly because we didn’t work well together as a team. This year was different. The only thing that mattered to any of us was winning the State Championship. Our team goals and achievements were more important to all of us than any one individual goal or award. We all wanted to bring out the best in each other,” said Dosmann.

After finishing 12th in the Arizona 6A Conference during Dosmann’s sophomore year at Perry, his teammates came together at the start of the next club season. What followed was the roster of both Dosmann’s club and school teams looking very similar. 

“This year was a unique social experiment of having kids leave their prior clubs and play for Coach Derek [at Phoenix Rising],” said Dosmann. “The Perry players wanted Derek Yen to be our coach even though he had not coached in a few years.  Working at Phoenix Rising, our coach was able to help build our chemistry and I honestly believe this played a huge role in our success. Everyone on the team knew how to play together and we became great friends which lead to immediate success in the high school season.”

"Being approached by players to try and all play together was unique to me and I was wondering if this was a byproduct of how youth were wanting things differently after COVID.  I was hesitant at first but also wanted to support what these kids wanted,” said Coach Derek Yen.

When the players went into the high school break, the transition was almost seamless. 

"Having coached at Perry HS for the past 4 years, I was able to help support a trusting relationship between player and coach to create an atmosphere that was about winning, hard work, and mutual dedication to the team goal.  To be able to embrace that for longer than the short High School Season was very rewarding for me in the end to see their faces at the end of the season,” said Yen.

“Before the season started my main goal was to simply be successful as a team and make a run in the playoffs after a disappointing run last year. Individually my goal was to improve my stats both with goals and assists. My teammates and coaches were key in reaching those goals by trusting in my abilities and working with me to have the most impact in games,” said Dosmann.

Over the course of Dosmann’s junior season, he played in 24 games scoring 16 goals and having 12 assists. He was named the Conference 6A Player of the Year as well as the 6A Premier Region Player of the Year. 

Dosmann also helped lead the Pumas to their 19-2-3 record as well as their Conference 6A State Championship title. Fifteen players on the championship roster played together for Phoenix Rising FC Youth Soccer.

To top off his exemplary high school season, Dosmann was then awarded the 2022-23 Arizona Boys Soccer Gatorade Player of the Year. 

“Being recognized as Gatorade Player of the Year is an incredible honor and a dream come true.  I owe everything to the team and coaches, but it is amazing to be rewarded for my personal success.”

The Gatorade Player of the Year award looks at a player’s successes on the field, but also off the field, in the classroom, and in the community. Dosmann maintained a B average in the classroom and volunteered locally with Feed My Starving Children and Operation Christmas Child. He has also donated his time to helping the unhoused through the Aris Foundation. 

In reflecting on his previous two years in high school, Dosmann had some advice for the players looking to follow in his footsteps.

“My grades were never the most important thing for me the first two years of high school, but that was a huge mistake. I was set on not going to college because I didn’t believe I was going to be good enough academically or on the field. My advice would be to always keep working in the classroom and on the field because you never know what will happen in the future and you don’t want to close any doors.

"Several schools have approached me or Coach Derek from tournaments that my Phoenix Rising team have participated in or in contacts that Coach Derek has made.  At this time I am interested in options for both in state as well as out of state."

Dosmann is beginning his senior year of high school this year as well as playing another year under Head Coach Derek Yen on the Phoenix Rising Youth Soccer Southeast Valley 05/06B Predator team. 

“Being part of Phoenix Rising has given me opportunities both on and off the field to further develop as a player and person. I’d like to thank my parents and brother for always pushing me and being there for me, my coaches for trusting in me and helping me improve, and helping me improve, and my teammates for bringing out the best version of myself.”