PRFC Youth Soccer Recreational Program’s Volunteer Coaching:

Volunteer coaches indicate their interest in coaching during their player’s registration.  If you become interested in coaching a team after your player registers, please send an email to with your request or for additional information.

The PRFC Youth Soccer Recreational Program will collect all coach’s names and form teams based on the coaches who have volunteered.  Coaches cannot request players but players, during registration, can request a coach.  A coach’s player is automatically assigned to the coach’s team.  Historically, nearly all individuals who have volunteered to coach are selected to coach a team.

Practice Goals for Sale.

Coaches can purchase PUGG pop up practice goals at a reduced cost.  Using our ability to purchase in quantity and also subsidizing the cost, coaches can purchase a pair of PUGG goals in a carry bag for $80.00.  These goals can be purchased during equipment pickup. To see what the PUGG practice goal looks like, click here.  It is the 6 foot goal pair in a carry bag that we are making available.

Each season all volunteer coaches are provided with equipment to keep including cones, pinnies, a ball, a coaches shirt.